The market is constanly requiring professionals whose training goes well beyond the basic essentials, and having a solid grasp of English is a fundamental requirement for any lawyer looking to be hired by a legal firm or company. In the legal world, good technical grounding is essential if the effective use of English is to be had.

We thus present three options of courses:

Contractual Terminology

  • Presentation and analysis of contract language in English, especially designed for those who intend to specialize in the drawing up and translation of contracts.
  • Several types of contracts used in the major branches of Law.
  • More than thirty different examples, with the legal jargon of the area.
  • Period: 32 hours

Law Proficiency Exam

  • Reading and translating of texts from several areas, according to the interest of the lawyer.
  • Analysis and comparison of concepts making use of original Anglo-American material.
  • Glossary.
  • Period: 48 hours

Legal Terminology

  • Study of the main legal terms within the major areas of the Anglo-Saxon legal system.
  • Study and comparative analysis of doctrinal concepts through the reading and translation of technical texts, judicial decisions and specific articles published in periodicals.
  • Translation of several types of contract, powers of attorney and similar documents.
  • Glossary
  • Period: 48 hours